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  1. Would you?
  2. I predict that BMW's new M3
  3. Skipped a generation? Wish list?
  4. What Colors will be available for the new M3?
  5. Vid of F80 M3 Testing On and Around Nurburgring
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  7. F80/F82 M3 horsepower, torque, and curb weight predictions
  8. What would YOU order?
  9. F80 or F30?
  10. Raise the roof for the new section!
  11. the new m3 power plant
  12. If it's dubbed the "M4", would you be mad?
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  14. 2014 M3 will be Diesel
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  16. Is this is it?
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  20. How do they do this??? Part 2
  21. 2-Series, M2
  22. The Inline 6 Cylinder is back!
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  24. New M5 plays exhaust noise over speakers?
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  30. M4?
  31. 2013 BMW M3 (F30) testing at Nürburgring
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  33. Am I the only one?
  34. oh nos
  35. New Spy Shots
  36. Interesting Bimmerpost video and thread
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  42. Oh Dear....
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  47. 4 Series proclaimed one of the ugliest
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  50. Anyone else think the upcoming M2 is more realistic replacement for the current M3?
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  53. Help me choose between e46, e93 and now ......
  54. No Manual Tranmission for M4
  55. F80 M3 Shows some color an drops some camo
  56. Is the new M4s engine choice boring?
  57. M4 M3 Specs released: 430hp and 3300 pounds
  58. the f80 / f82 m3 in motorsports
  59. Which is correct? F3x or an F8x?
  60. Official M3/4 Images leaked before Detroit debut
  61. Autoweek first look
  62. F82 M4 and F80 M3 on the Track for Commercial
  63. Anyone putting down a deposit yet?
  64. Will the M4/M3 Have an Optional Sunroof?
  65. autosalon brussels 2014 M3 M M6 pics
  66. Tuner in Southern Indiana
  67. A Day in the Austrian Alps with the M4
  68. New M4 Steering / Road Feel?
  69. What will be the best color combination for the M4??
  70. BMW M4 Coupe Production Has Begun
  71. M4 Gran Coupe
  72. Who will rebadge their coupe with M3 symbols?
  73. M3/M4 Lease rates
  74. Adaptive/Dynamic Suspension
  75. ✦Spotted The F80 M3 in The Wild✦
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  80. BMW M4 Convertible Frozen Red and Yas Marina Blue
  81. 550HP BMW M4 by Manhart
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  85. F80 M3 Dyno and Weigh-in: Let the modding begin!
  86. Status Gruppe Needs a F80/82 for some new part testing.
  87. New BMW M4 crashed in Germany
  88. Some interesting info on the M3/M4 from R&T
  89. F80 M3 and F82 M4 Dyno and Weight: Comparison Time
  90. F8X M3/M4 Macht Schnell wheel spacer reference thread
  91. So do you guys think there will be a LW/CSL/GTS version of the F82 M4?
  92. Who likes the M4 akrapovic sound?
  93. F8X Lithium Battery
  94. RS5 vs M4
  95. Coming back to ///M
  96. M4 tech video - car on lift!
  97. Thinking of converting to M
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  110. 18" Style 513M Wheel Weights / Info
  111. BMW Car Club of America Event at Larz Anderson Museum
  112. Windshield tinting
  113. VMR V810 Wheels Installed On Our Austin Yellow M4
  114. New kid with new car
  115. TTFS | Before & After Custom Tune
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  117. BMW M4 Initiation
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  120. Looking to Buy a Set of Black 437M Wheels
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  124. 2015 M3 Already on Craigslist
  125. What options did you select for your M3/M4?
  126. NorCal M-Meetups
  127. M4 or AMG C63 507 ed ?
  128. 1400 Miles and one autocross later...
  129. Poll: Exterior Beauty of F80 / F82 vs. Past Models
  130. BMW M3 F80 vs Mercedes E63 V8 BiTurbo Performance Package
  131. Mission Impossible 5 Trashed F80 BMW M3 cars
  132. What is everyone paying?
  133. 11.807 @ 126.51 JB4 MAP 2 ER Downpipes
  134. BMW to add future options to increase 'harshness'?
  135. My F80 M3 6MT track review with vid
  136. Custom made wheel tables (not just glass sitting on wheels!)
  137. Widebody BMW M4 by Vorsteiner
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  139. Face lift ideas
  140. Painted engine cover & calipers
  141. BMW M3 and M4 receive new M Performance parts
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  144. Dinan
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  147. Stay Tuned.......
  148. Valet Fails To Review a customers BMW M4 but loves the joyride
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  151. Just added 12 and 18mm spacers
  152. New 2015 C63AMG car review
  153. New to M3 - just purchased
  154. Radar Detector - location/wiring?
  155. Pyrite Brown metallic Individual paint BMW M4 Coupe
  156. Auto Stop/Start - manual trans
  157. Which fuse(s) kills the Active Sound Design?
  158. New 2015 Mercedes-AMG C63 vs BMW M3
  159. OEM wheels
  160. OEM F80 18" wheels
  161. FYI: Factory Water Injection for the M4
  162. Disabling the Cold Start on the F8X M3/M4
  163. How Many M PERFORMANCE till Badges your 435 becomes an M4/M3
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  167. Planning to pull the plug very soon and want advice from the sages
  168. Replace S4 with M3, Ask for the price suggestion
  169. Worst car dealer
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  174. Java Green Individual BMW M4
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  177. Finally!!!
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  186. F80 M3 Signal Green
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  191. Worst car I ever bought
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  205. Individual San Marino Blue Delivered
  206. Rev-matching on downshift
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