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E90 M3 (Sedan) | E92 M3 (Coupe) | E93 M3 (Convertible) (2008-2013) {Engine: S65 - Max Hp: 414 hp (420 hp Euro) at 8,300 rpm / 295 lb/ft at 3,900 rpm}

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Sun, Sep-18-2005 until Mon, Oct-19-2020
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***Sponsor Rules***

Sponsors Rules:
All sponsors are subject to the following rules.

[Amended] 1. Please limit “For Sale” threads to the Sponsors Forum and For Sale/Wanted Forum. Any such threads posted in other forums will be moved/deleted. * Although the staff is somewhat lax about this particular rule, we would still prefer that the majority of your For Sale threads remain in the Sponsors Forum or the Parts For Sale / Wanted forum. *

2. No duplicate group buys or jumping in on existing group buys, including private messaging group buy participants with separate offers.

3. Please do not post in threads discussing other vendors. In light of the obvious bias of each vendor, their participation in discussion of other vendors would be of little value.

4. No duplicate identities or “surrogates”. All representations made by and on behalf of a sponsor must be posted by the username identified as the sponsoring vendor rep. Any sponsor found to be using duplicate identities or “surrogates” is subject to immediate termination of sponsorship and deletion of all threads/posts made by or on behalf of the vendor.

5. There may be instances where a member will have issues/problems/complaints with a sponsor and/or their product(s). Please handle all such communications via PM’s, or more preferably, offsite..

6. We must ask that you do not engage in spamming, product promotion or direct marketing via the PM system.

[NEW] 7. Please do not excessively bump your for sale threads. This is especially important inside the primary sections of the board; e.g., the E46 section, E36 section... etc. Inside these sections, please let your threads run their natural course and only respond to direct questions. Please limit thread bumps inside the sponsor section and Parts For Sale / Wanted to an absolute maximum of once a day. Excessive bumping leads to many complaints and will quickly label you as an annoyance to the community -- read: Spammer. Excessively bumped threads will be removed.

Non-Sponsor Rules:

Non-sponsoring vendors are free to participate in our community with the following conditions:

1. If you are selling or promoting items and/or services, you are a vendor under our community rules. Our community vendor rules are here to not only help pay for the site, but also to maintain control over the types of goods offered for sale to our members.

2. As a non-sponsoring vendor, we must ask that you do not promote/advertise/offer for sale any good or services or extend any discounts via any M3Forum web functions, including username, avatar, signature, private messages, and forum/gallery postings. All violators are subject to immediate banning and deletion of user account.

3. Should you wish to become a M3Forum sponsoring vendor, please click here.

Member Rules:
All members are subject to the following rule in their dealings with a sponsor/vendor.

1. Please limit discussion of vendors and sponsors to merits of their products and/or services. This means no angry attacks, accusations, or damaging posts that serve no purpose other than their intent to do harm to a particular vendor. There may be instances where you will have issues/problems/complaints with a sponsor and/or their product(s). Please handle all such communications via PM’s, or offsite.

Additionally, if you are a member who has any affiliation with a vendor (eg. Being sponsored by them), please state such affiliation before your participation in any thread involving the vendor. Failure to disclose any hidden affiliations will result in banning of user account.

If there are unresolved issues with a particular vendor from a past transaction, please handle such matters in private and offsite. Such threads inevitably degenerate into angry arguments which serve no purpose.

Our goal is to allow open discussion that is constructive and beneficial to all members. Toward that end, we request that everyone involved conduct themselves in a professional manner.
If you encounter any problems with the forums, please hit me up on email or PM. Thanks for being a member of!
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